Yog-Ganga Centre For Yoga Studies
101 Old Rajpur, Dehradun, India


The Yog-Ganga Centre is situated in a quiet, forested section of Dehradun, known as Old Rajpur. Dehradun is the capital of the state of Uttarakhand and is located in the foothills of the lower Himalayas in North India. The ancient settlement of Dehradun, positioned along old trade and pilgrim routes leading from the lush northern plains to the frosty Tibetan plateau, is today known for its many academic and research institutions, as the original source of basmati rice and for the national wildlife parks that surround it. Dehradun is located between the Ganga and Yamuna rivers. Situated at an altitude of 3,300 feet above sea level, Dehradun is also the gateway into the Central Himalayas. These mountains abound in places of scenic beauty, cultural and religious significance and provide the enthusiast with opportunities for hiking, white-water rafting, and mountaineering.


  • How to get to Dehradun
    • Dehradun is located 265 kilometers northeast of New Delhi.

      By Air
      Dehradun has a domestic airport called Jolly Grant. One can fly into Dehradun airport from all over India. Most flights are via New Delhi.  Flight tickets may be purchased on websites such as Expedia, Orbitz etc.

      By Train
      Trains are a convenient way to travel from New Delhi to Dehradun. The important trains are:

      • The Shatabadi Express departs New Delhi Station at approximately 06:45 a.m. and arrives in Dehradun at 12:40 p.m.
      • The Jan Shatabdi Express departs from New Delhi at approximately 15:30 p.m. Arrives in Dehradun at 21:15 p.m.
      • The Nanda Devi Express departs New Delhi station at approximately 23:55p.m. and arrives in Dehradun at 05:40p.m. next morning.

      For more information visit www.indianrail.gov.in, then go to the link "Trains Between Important Stations."

      By Road
      Taxis and buses provide other options to travel from New Delhi to Dehradun. These take approximately six to nine hours.


      • Travel counters at New Delhi Airport can arrange a taxi to Dehradun.  Most hotels in Delhi can also do this.
      • If you inform Yog-Ganga in advance a fair price taxi can be arranged to pick you up at the Delhi airport or at  your hotel in Delhi and bring you to Dehradun.
      • Buses from New Delhi to Dehradun ply every hour and can be boarded at Inter State Bus Terminal (ISBT). This is located at Anand Vihar in Delhi.
  • How to get from Dehradun (airport, train station, bus depot) to the Yog-Ganga Centre
      • The best option, convenient and safe, is to write to Yog-Ganga in advance and ask Yog-Ganga to arrange a taxi to receive you at the Dehradun railways station or the Dehradun airport and bring you to Yog-Ganga.  It is harder to arrange a taxi to receive you at the bus-depot because the bus arrival timings are erratic.   Alternatively, if you are familiar with Dehradun, you can hire your own transportation from the taxi stand or the rickshaw stands, which you will find adjacent to the railway station/ bus-depot/ airport. There is no rickshaw, bus, or shuttle service from Dehradun airport to Yog-Ganga.
      • If you want the most economical and if you have less luggage, then board a bus going to Mussoorie.  These buses start at the railway station and also at the ISBT (Inter State Bus Depot.) Ask to be dropped off at the Shahen-Shah Ashram/Chandra Lodge (just next to the iron over-bridge).
      • Detailed Directions:  The Yog-Ganga Centre is located in Old Rajpur, an area of Dehradun, just at the foot of the Mussoorie hill. After arriving at the railway station/airport/bus-depot   hire a rickshaw or taxi or bus and tell the driver that you want to go “near Shahen Shah Ashram.” To get to Shahen Shah Ashram, you first need to get to Rajpur Market.  Then take the Old Mussoorie Road and go on it for 1km till you reach Rajpur Heights Hotel.  Then you will see an iron bridge that goes over the road.  Do not go under this bridge, instead enter the narrow lane to your right just before the bridge.  Go fifty meters and you will see Yog-Ganga. (The well-known Shahen Shah Ashram is on the hillock just above Yog-Ganga).
      • If you face any problems getting to Yog-Ganga please phone us at our numbers (0135) 2733653 and 2735933. You can also get help by calling (0135) 2632793 or 2631093.
  • Dehradun Climate
    • The inter-mountain valley of Dehradun is located between an altitude of 2,300 feet to 3,300 feet above sea level (about 1000 meters) and is surrounded by forests and mountains. In the quiet locality of Old Rajpur the air and water are clean. The climate is generally mild. Dehradun experiences the following seasons:

      Spring: March to mid-April: mild weather, sunny days, cool nights.
      Summer: Late April to end-June: hot days, warm nights.
      Monsoon: Late-June to end-September: frequent rainfall, mild weather.
      Fall: October and November: clear sunny days, cool nights.
      Winter: December to end-February: sunny days, cold nights. February could get wet weather.

      Average temperatures are as follows:
      Minimum -*C  : Maximum -*C
      January 03 : 19
      February 07 : 22
      March 14 : 29
      April 19 : 32
      May 20 : 38
      June 22 : 38
      July 20 : 32
      August 19 : 32
      September 16 : 31
      October 15 : 27
      November 10 : 22
      December 07 : 21