Yog-Ganga Centre For Yoga Studies
101 Old Rajpur, Dehradun, India

Frequently Asked Questions

about yoga classes and other matters should be made by email.  Persons should properly introduce themselves in the email.

Registration, Reconfirmation and Cancellation
Registration for yoga courses is done 'on-line'. Click here to fill and submit an Application Form.
Ideally, one should apply four months in advance. Forms containing vague and incomplete information will not be processed. 

Applicants should inform Yog-Ganga of their date and time of arrival as soon they have these details. The applicant should remind Yog-Ganga about their accommodation requirements at this juncture. This will be treated as reconfirmation.

Application forms should not be submitted if the applicant is uncertain about attending the course.  In case one has to cancel due to unavoidable circumstances, Yog-Ganga should be informed in good time.

Out-of-station students are expected to stay in approved homes and lodges in the vicinity of Yog-Ganga. They may request Yog-Ganga to reserve suitable accommodation well in advance. Typically, accommodation consists of a private bed/bath, a common kitchen, living room, and garden shared with other yoga students.

Arrivals and Departures
Students may arrive a few days before the course, and stay a few days beyond the course, but must check and confirm with Yog-Ganga. 

All homes have an equipped kitchen where students may cook their own food. Alternatively, they may request the housekeeper to prepare meals for them.  Most homes offer one or two complimentary meals upon arrival. There are also several vegetarian restaurants nearby. 

For guidance regarding travel from New Delhi to Dehradun, and then from Dehradun (airport-train station) to Yog-Ganga Centre   students may contact Yog-Ganga for Travel Agent referrals and arrangements. 

Fees have to be paid either at the orientation session, or soon afterwards.

Please note the following:
(a) Fees and accommodation charges need to be paid in Indian currency.
(b) There are ATMs and banks in Dehradun where you can change currency.

Schedule and Orientation
An Orientation Session is held in the evening just before the course commencement date, i.e. if the course begins on the 10th the Orientation Session is on the 9th late afternoon. Policies, expectations, and other important information is shared at this time. Course participants should plan on being present for the orientation session.

The exact time-table of classes varies from course to course.  Generally, the asana classes are held from 8am-10am; pranayama and lectures from 4pm-6pm. Free days and spare time are spent practicing, studying, reading in the library or local sightseeing.

Applicants should contact the health department of their own country and allow enough time for the necessary vaccinations. There is no malaria in Dehradun.

Dress and Conduct
Dress should be modest at all times, in class, around town and at home as well.
Around Town: Limbs, shoulders and midriff should be covered. Clothes that are brief, transparent or very tight should not be worn.

Dress for Men:  shorts (preferably Bermuda type) with a T-shirt (with sleeves);
Dress for Women:  track bottom, pajamas, Bermuda-type shorts, or tights, with a T-shirt
(with sleeves) and long enough tuck into the pants.

All students are expected to be sensitive to Indian culture and etiquette.  For example, display of affection in public runs against the grain of Indian culture and therefore should not be practiced.

Students are expected to abstain from smoking and drinking and to maintain a vegetarian diet. 

What to Bring
The following would be useful: personal yoga sticky-mat, flashlight, umbrella/rain gear, personal gear, personal medication, insect repellent, binoculars for bird-watching, foot- wear for light walking and easy to remove.